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About Creator God Apparel

Celebrating All of God's Creations with Beauty and Style

My faith is a very prominent part of my life and I've designed these shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and hats for those who desire to share their faith and the works and wonders of Creation with the world.

I embarked on this apparel enterprise because, as a Believer, I desperately wanted to use my God-given talents (graphic design, creativity) for something more, and bigger, than what I was creating in the corporate world.


And, being an introvert, it’s not easy for me to share about the Good News of Jesus, and, more specifically, the beauty and mystery of His Creation. It has also been my desire to be more generous with my resources because God has been so good and has always provided for my family and me. As a result, I have combined all of these joys (designing, sharing, giving) into this humble side venture. It has provided me with so much creative joy, allows me a way to express God’s goodness, and to give back to the community. 


For every like, comment and share on social media Creator God Apparel will donate $0.01 to charity (between now and 12.31.21). It is also my wish for a percentage of all apparel sales to be donated to charity. So, please spread the word!

Creator God Apparel was founded to provide cool-looking apparel for like-minded devotees, and is determined to deliver style to shoppers worldwide. Our store offers a large collection of goods at affordable prices, and our payment and shipping options are simply unmatched. What are you waiting for? Start shopping online today and find out more about what makes us so special.

Excellent Intelligent Design and Creation resources

I would like to introduce you to Aleko Belavilas. I came across his hard work while studying and researching my inspiration for this apparel line. His 2nd edition of the Pillars of Intelligent Design audiobook is simply astounding. It is annotated with a staggering depth of irrefutable scientific references and research that will guide even the most skeptical questioner down the path of authenticity and fact. I highly recommend spending time with the wealth of information below, and even more importantly, spending time with the ultimate source. Click here for more about Aleko.


Join Aleko as he examines the God of all Creation in science, history, philosophy and literature. 

Pillars logo.png

Finding the Creator in ontological, and cosmological inferences. There is more observable evidence for Intelligent Design than any other perspective.

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